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Henschel, MAN, Krupp, Daimler

 Country: Germany

 Industry/ Capability:
Constituted virtually all of Germany's tank production.

 Head Office:
Primary Manufactureres
Henschel: Kassel
MAN: N?rnberg
Krupp/ Gruson-Werk: Magdeburg
Daimler-Benz: Berlin-Marienfelde

Panzer: Panzerkampfwagen
? a total of 6 main models.

Panzer I
Panzer II
Panzer III
PAnzer IV
Panzer V (Panther)
Panzer VI (Tiger)
Panzer Tiger II (King Tiger)

Secondary Manufactureres
FAMO: Breslau, Warschau
Skoda: Pilsen, K?niggr?tz
Alkett (Rheinmetall): Berlin
MIAG: Braunschweig
MNH: Hannover
Wegmann: Kassel
Vomag: Plauen

 Additional Notes:

— troops feared them more than any other conventional weapon.

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German Tank Panzer III Ausf.G

— the Ausf.G also had increased armour protection on the rear hull, and late models were fitted with an additional 30 mm bolt-on armour plating on the front of the hull. It also featured new drive sprockets and idler wheels -- which were fitted with 40 cm track.

German Panzer III Ausf.G - This is a real blueprint made directly from vellum masters. Delivered to you on a full size master sheet measuring 42"x 30".
The blueprint will arrive uncut, edge not slit, or trimmed, and are marked for proper 36"x24" finishing. This is a detailed general arrangement plan (standard blueprint cover-sheet) of the WWII German Medium Tank Panzer III Ausf.G (SdKfz 141)

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The Ausf.Gs were used to replace losses suffered by the Panzer units fighting in the west in May-June 1940. The Ausf.G was used in France, the Balkans, North Africa and Russia.

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