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Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76 Model 1940
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KMDB Morozov Design Bureau

 Country: Soviet Russia

 Industry/ Capability:
KMDB designs armoured vehicles, including the T-12, T-24 light tanks and the T-34, T-54, T-64, T-84 main battle tanks.

 Head Office:
KMDB Morozov Design Bureau
Kharkiv, Ukraine

T-34 Medium Tank was the most-produced & one of the best tanks of WWII. The T-34 had firepower, mobility & protection.
? it surpassed any other tank for ease of manufacture.

This Soviet tank was a major factor in repelling the German invasion of the USSR in 1943.

Pound for pound, perhaps Germany's Panther was a better tank, but the T-34 was produced at eight times the Panther's numbers.

 Additional Notes:

Soviets fought and won armored battles in the same manner in which they won their infantry and air battles, by attrition. Their German opponents were simply overwhelmed by numbers.

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