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One of the Industry’s Oldest Presentations…
Blueprints explain quickly the most difficult mechanical concepts

In order to understand the principles, one must first have something tangible to grasp onto from this era…
— something you can see, touch, feel,
and hold on to.

  We sell blueprints; they lay bare a machine’s inner workings for prying eyes to see…
 Take a peek… you experience a unique form of inspiration… now a portal into a bygone era, they allow your imagination to ponder our history, our challenges, and our aspirations.

The Future of Developed Blueprints…

The Future of Blueprinting..?

  • An ongoing trend has been the discontinued production of the proprietary supplies needed to produce our line of distinguished aircraft blueprints.
  • The chemically coated /modified stock required for these type of blueprints is no longer readily available.
  • As recent as 1989, we had three manufactures that could supply us with the raw materials needed to provide you these old-style aviation blueprints, today we have but one.

Through it all, we have managed to keep our prices ridiculously low
It's fair to say: “Aircraft blueprints, already Highly Collectable, will indeed one day be Very Rare…”

  We hope to be able to offer aviation blueprints for some time to come… as to that, there is some uncertainty.
Any changes as to the availability of our aircraft blueprints will immediately be updated here. If we offer a blueprint on our website, it is in stock and ready to ship.

It would not be much of a stretch to suggest that collecting and preserving your favorite blueprints would prove a wise investment.

Why is the aircraft blueprint
  …the heart of an aviator’s collection?

 What our customers tell us:
  • “ one of a kind - unique ”
  • “ —a must have ”
  • “ impressive ”

aircraft manuals
“I have spent a lot more on other gifts that don't come anywhere close to this. GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY and now my new favorite...Mattthew J. Pinson ~ La Center, Washington