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1944 Aircrewman's Gunnery Manual


This is a heavily Illustrated Gunnery Guide for most aircraft gunnery positions, and turrets. There is comprehensive coverage of the powered turrets in use on Army Air Force and Navy aircraft. Filled with illustrations, detailing the guns, gun positions, sights, and data on various aircraft such as the TBM, Martin Mariner, B-25, B-24, etc, along with turret operating instructions, emergency procedures and related information.

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Published in 1944 for use in the gunnery schools set up to train airmen for both the Army Air Force and the Navy. This rare manual is more then 325 pages in length and contains extensive information on the Browning .50 caliber, sights (iron, reflector, and computing) and the fine art of targeting enemy fighter planes.

The Aircrewmans Gunnery Manual features some of the finest images I have ever seen in a WW2 manual, many of them in color.

  View: Original Aircrewman's Gunnery Manual 1944

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