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Aircraft Manuals / Documents
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This material spans an era of over 100 years. Our personal archive contains over 7,000 items…  —vintage manuals, aviation film reels & microfilm (reels).

We will continue to process and update this area as time allows.

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01.P-51D Mustang
02.Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
03.P-51D Mustang [gen]
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05.Rolls Royce Merlin 60 series
06.Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I
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09.1903 Wright Brothers Flyer
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Aircraft Manuals / Original Rare Documents

Authentic WWII era documents, originally classified "Restricted", a must read in order to fully understand and appreciate the aircraft. We freely provide our rare documents for you to view, research and enjoy.
Choose a publication... our online document viewer will gather the pages and open the document for you, this may take a few (4-10) seconds.

Note: A high-speed internet connection is recommended to view manuals or video.

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AT-6 / SNJ / Harvard / Documents & Manuals

AT-6 / SNJ / Harvard / Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
The North American T-6 Texan two-place advanced trainer was the classroom for most of the Allied pilots who flew in World War Two. Designated the SNJ by the Navy and the Harvard by the RAF, the AT-6 (advanced trainer) was designed as a transition trainer between basic trainers and first-line tactical aircraft. It wa...

B-25 Mitchell Documents & Manuals

B-25 Mitchell Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
North American B-25 Mitchell Documents & Manuals
Original manual for the B-25 Mitchell Bomber (AAF) Includes location and operation of controls and all systems involved in the duties and responsibilities of the Commander and crew. Includes a foreword, history of the Mitchell Bomber B-25, procedures, landing, fo...

Boeing B-17 Documents & Manuals

Boeing B-17 Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Pilot Training Manual. The text for your training as a B-17 pilot / bomber commander.
Issued to B-17 pilots during WWII. A complete exposition of what pilot duties are, how each duty will be performed, and why it must be performed in the manner prescribed.

Boeing B-29 Documents & Manuals

Boeing B-29 Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
Boeing B-29 Superfortress Pilot Training Manuals. The B-29 was designed to a specification issued in 1940 for a very long range trans-oceanic bomber and first flew in 1942. It was much more advanced than the B-17 being fully pressurized with remotely operated gun turrets.
AAF Manual describes what pilot and cr...

Displaying 5 to 8 (of 37 archived categories) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]