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Aircraft Manuals / Documents
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This material spans an era of over 100 years. Our personal archive contains over 7,000 items…  —vintage manuals, aviation film reels & microfilm (reels).

We will continue to process and update this area as time allows.

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Aircraft Manuals / Original Rare Documents

Authentic WWII era documents, originally classified "Restricted", a must read in order to fully understand and appreciate the aircraft. We freely provide our rare documents for you to view, research and enjoy.
Choose a publication... our online document viewer will gather the pages and open the document for you, this may take a few (4-10) seconds.

Note: A high-speed internet connection is recommended to view manuals or video.

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Consolidated B-24 PB4Y (Liberator / Privateer)

Consolidated B-24 PB4Y (Liberator / Privateer)

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
The Consolidated B-24 - more efficient, built in far greater numbers and, unlike the B-17, served on every front in World War II.
Nearly 18,500 Liberators were built during the war years, making it by far the most-produced American Bomber. It served in many roles beyond heavy bomber, transport, and anti-submarine patro...

Douglas C-47 Documents & Manuals

Douglas C-47 Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
Douglas C-47 (Skytrain / Dakota / DC-3)

These manuals give a good idea of what was necessary to fly the aircraft and how the onboard equipment was used. Heavily illustrated, including charts and information that pilots required to operate the Douglas C-47 effectively.

Douglas DC-3 Documents & Manuals

Douglas DC-3 Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents
The Douglas DC-3 represents one of aviation history?s greatest success stories.

The DC-3 was the first plane that could fly from New York to Chicago non-stop. American Airlines, United Airlines and TWA all used the Douglas Sleeper transport DST, the 14-passenger version of the DC-3.

F-86 Sabre Documents & Manuals

F-86 Sabre Documents & Manuals

Archive Category: Aircraft Manuals / Documents

Built as both a fighter-interceptor and fighter-bomber, the F-86 Sabre (often called the Sabrejet) was one of the most widely-produced fighters of the Cold War. In December of 1950, three squadrons of Sabres were rushed into combat in Korea, where they dueled North Korean, Chinese and Russian pilots flying the MiG-15. By...

Displaying 9 to 12 (of 37 archived categories) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]