The first Japanese naval vessel converted to support seaplanes was the 7600-ton Wakamiya Maru, converted in 1913. It began operations against German forces at Kiaochow Bay, China, on 1 September 1914, using Farman seaplanes. Dropping improvised bombs made from naval shells, two Farmans of the Second Naval Squadron succeeded in sinking a German torpedo boat on 16 September. The boat was the first warship sunk from the air.

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Aviation Screensavers » 17 screens of important WWII era aircraft

 17 screens of important WWII era aircraft, with colorful copies of period ads, cards, patches, photos, and manufacturer memorabilia. Includes images from the archives of NASA Langley showing many of the planes in their experimental stage.

Aviation Screensavers » 357th FG Screen Saver

 357th FG Screen Saver
Over 40 great photos of the 357th FG in action during WWII, courtesy of Merle Olmsted. Patch Art courtesy of Jim Harley. Put together by Pete Krueger.

Aviation Screensavers » Chuck Yeager Screen Saver

 Chuck Yeager Screen Saver
General Yeager has made available to the public a short animation depicting some of the highlights of his aviation career.

Aviation Screensavers » Memphis Belle Screensaver

 Memphis Belle Screensaver.

This screensaver contains images of the Memphis Belle's stop at GRC in 1943.

Aviation Screensavers » Supermarine Spitfire screensaver

 Supermarine Spitfire screen saver.
Slide show of 10 pictures from this legendary aircraft.
Operating System: Windows (not vista compatible)

Aviation Screensavers » Various aircraft from WW2

 This .zip file contains four different screensavers. Various aircraft from WW2 have been used to create the screensavers. There is 4 separate screensavers, each with different aircraft.
Author: Peter Tyack.

Aviation Screensavers » Vintage Plane Screensaver

 Vintage Plane Screensaver

This ITC screensaver contains images of vintage airplanes from the GRC archives (1942-1958).