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Allison V-1710 Documents & Manuals

The Allison V-1710 was one of the most important large U.S. aero engines, with over 70,000 engines produced from the time of the first in 1931 to the last in 1948. The engine was produced in large quantities in the early1940's for several important fighters of WWII including the P-38, P-39, P-40, P-51A, P-63, and P-82. While the debate over the merit of air-cooled -vs.- liquid cooled engines had raged in the 1920's, each was recognized to have certain advantages. As the only liquid cooled U.S. designed engine of the second-world war (the Rolls-Royce licensed Merlin being the other significant liquid cool manufactured by Packard as the V-1650), the V-1710 exhibited the advantages inherent with liquid cooled engines.

These advantages include low frontal area and high short-term peak power output thanks to the coolant heat-sink, higher power because of the greater heat rejection capability of liquid coolant, and packaging flexibility. The air-cooled engines advantages are primarily the weight savings and reliability inherent in eliminating the liquid cooling system.

Enjoy viewing all of our rare aviation manuals and documents in our online archive.
These WWII manuals are part of our aviation history and will walk you through all systems and operations; They are an absolute must see to fully understand and appreciate these complex aviation engines.

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Original Allison V-1710 Aircraft Engine Operation & Maintenance Manual

The Allison V-1710 aircraft engine was the only indigenous US-developed V-12 liquid-cooled engine to see service during WWII. A sturdy and trustworthy design, it unfortunately lacked an advanced and efficient mechanical centrifugal supercharger. Versions with a turbo supercharger gave excellent performance at high altitude in the twin-engined Lockheed P-38 Lightning, and turbo superchargers were fitted to experimental single-engine fighters with the same excellent results.

  View: WWII Allison V-1710 Handbook (1944) Operation & Maintenance Manual

Original Allison V-1710 E/F Engines Service School Handbook

This (General Motors War Products) service manual gives a good description of the V-1710 engines as installed in the LOCKHEED P-38 LIGHTNING, BELL P-39 AIRACOBRA, CURTISS P-40 WARHAWK and the early versions of the NORTH AMERICAN P-51 MUSTANG.

  View: Allison V-1710 Service Handbook (1943) Aero Engines Manual

Original Allison V-1710 Operators manual (1942)

This Allison V-1710 Operators manual details subcomponent system problems and maintenance of the legendary WW2 engine as well as lubrication and electrical connections. The " Allison" V-1710 has 12 cylinders with a bore and stroke of 5.5 by 6 inches in 60? V-format, aggregating to 1,710 in? total displacement, with a compression ratio of 6.65:1.

  View: Allison V-1710 Operators manual (1942)

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