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AT-6 / SNJ / Harvard / Documents & Manuals


  As one of the final aircraft used by training pilots in WWII before stepping up to high performance fighter aircraft like the North American P-51 Mustang, the AT-6 is quick, maneuverable, and requires the utmost attention of a pilot to fly it right. It's stable flight characteristics and ability to perform aerobatics made the AT-6 the perfect combat trainer.

While the AT-6 manuals are not quite as large as some issued for many of the complex Warbirds, they make an interesting read and are a wealth of information. They will greatly help you understand the amazing AT-6 "Texan".

Enjoy viewing all of our rare aviation manuals and documents in our online archive.
These WWII manuals are part of our aviation history and will walk you through all systems and operations; They are an absolute must see to fully understand and appreciate these complex aircraft.

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Original Pilots Flight Operating Instructions AT-6-C  (SNJ-4)  (Harvard-IIA)

Pilots Flight Operating Instructions manual (1945) with photos, systems diagrams, performance charts, procedures etc. The AT-6, used by both the US Air Corps (AT-6) and the Navy (SNJ) and by many other nations as the "Harvard." Renowned for her nimble, forgiving handling... In all, the T-6 trained several hundred thousand pilots in 34 different countries over a period of 25 years.

  View: Pilots Flight Operating Instructions AT-6-C SNJ-4 and British Harvard-IIA

Original Pilots Flight Operating Instructions AT-6-D/F  (SNJ-5/6)  (Harvard-III)

Pilots Flight Operating Instructions manual (1945) with photos, systems diagrams, performance charts, procedures etc. Probably the most produced "Advanced Trainer" in history. Although not as fast as a fighter, it was easy to maintain and repair, had more maneuverability and was easier to handle. A pilot's airplane, it was designed to give the best possible training in all types of aerial warfare, from ground strafing to bombardment and aerial dog fighting.

  View: Pilots Flight Operating Instructions AT-6-D/F SNJ-5/6 and British Harvard-III

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