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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials

Here's what just a few of our many satisfied customers took the time out to say about their experience with aviationshoppe.com.

Testimonial by Stuart J.
Subject: Avro Lancaster Bomber

Blueprint of the Avro Lancaster Bomber arrived today and I was absolutely delighted with quality. . . WOW . . . Service and shipping was simply great. I highly recommend the Aviation Shoppe to one and all. You can't go wrong.
Testimonial by J. Viera
Subject: J. Viera

All I can say to you is WOW these are great if i had more room id buy many more (but im out of room so, who needs a window anyway) I'm very impressed with the quality and as a future Air Force pilot i had to tell you how UNBELIVEABLY satisfied i am sincerly JP Viera
Testimonial by R. Brown
Subject: R. Brown

RE: Sopwith Camel I just wanted to thank you for your excellent quality blueprint of this famous aircraft. Your protective shipping tube is another feature of your high quality product. It was purchased as a "thank you" for an 80 year old retired mechanical engineer who has always loved aircraft and the art of flying. We presented the drawing to him last week. He was very happy to receive it! I was a B-47 Navigator 1960 -1965. As you know, the B-47 was America's first jet bomber. You have gained a new long time customer!
Testimonial by B. Stewart
Subject: B. Stewart

I recieved the blueprint while away on biz this weekend. Great looking item, Will be an inspiration while I restore my 1938 Aeronca KCA. Thank you very much, - B. Stewart
Testimonial by J.Scott
Subject: Great Service

Thanks for taking care of my order so quickly. I was excited to find the various Corsair F4U blueprints and even more excited when I received them. The quality and detail was great. They look great hanging in my office! J.Scott
Testimonial by Bruce Ghent
Subject: Rolls-Royce/Packard Merlin Blueprints.

Just wanted to say I received the two blueprints today and they are fantastic. Thank you so much for the reasonably speedy delivery of these two items. Yours truly, Bruce Ghent, ississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Testimonial by T. Hong
Subject: T. Hong

Hello from Australia, Many thanks for the safe arrival of the blueprint of the spitfire. It is exactly as it was described on your site. Hope to do business with you again! Regards, T. Hong
Testimonial by M. Lawrence
Subject: M.Lawrence

Hi - I wanted to thank you for the blue print. This was a gift for my dad, who has one of these planes. We had the print framed and he loved it!!!! Thank you so much!!! M. Lawrence
Testimonial by V. Mankowski
Subject: V. Mankowski

Dear Debs, The blueprint showed up at my box late yesterday. It is beautiful, and thank you. There are a few others you offer that I am interested in, but I'm not in a position to buy them right now. You'll hear from me again! Thank you again. The Corsair print is beautiful. Regards, Vince
Testimonial by K. Morgan
Subject: K. Morgan

I received my blueprint yesterday and it is fantastic. It will look great in my office. Thank you for your great product and fast service. K. Morgan
Testimonial by Neil DeLavan
Subject: F4U Corsair

I recently purchased the Corsiar Blueprints, had it professionally mounted and framed, and it sits as the focal point of my living room. "AMAZING" is all I could say when I unrolled the blueprints for the first time. Everything is clear and easy to read and I gained a lot of knowledge about the plane that I didn't know. I fly 12th scale R/C combat (25X48 is the AMA classification for it), a F4U Corsair has been the plane I have flown, and I thought I knew a lot about the original form that. Boy was I wrong and the blueprint I purchased really opened my eyes to the things I didn't know before and just took for granted.
Testimonial by W. Fetrow
Subject: W. Fetrow

You folks did an OUTSTANDING JOB, it arrived on Monday... My Dad flew the Spitfire in the early 40's with the Eagle Squardon in England... What a thrill to see the plans in such great detail... Again, you made my fathers Christmas.. W. Fetrow
Testimonial by D. Denney
Subject: D. Denney

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I love the print and will soon be buying others! D. Denney
Testimonial by Paul L.
Subject: Rolls Royce Griffon 60 series

Item arrived today,absolutely delighted with quality of the print!.Thankyou for the brilliant service you gave. All the Best. Paul L.
Testimonial by D. Holdener
Subject: D. Holdener

Hello AviationShoppe-Team! Today, my order has been received. Thanks verry much for your great service and prompt delivery! The Blueprints from the Focke Wulf 190A-3 and his BMW-801 Engine looks verry fine, superb print quality and a lot of informations. Great! Thanks again and kind regards from Switzerland D. Holdener PS: Sorry about my poor English, but it's not my mothertounge, hope you understand anyway :-)
Testimonial by R. Graham
Subject: R. Graham

I have a number of your WWII a/c blueprints that I purchased & I compliment you on the fine detail & quality of your products, they have been a great assistance to my accurizing of several different warbirds. Regards, Ron
Testimonial by C. Shive
Subject: C. Shive

The blueprint came in yesterday and it's even better looking than I thought it would be. It's the perfect addition to my appartment. I'm an aerospace engineering major and having a blueprint of the plane that first got me interested in aviation is a big thing for me. The detail is amazing. If I can find the money and wall space I'll be buying another blueprint from you. Thanks again, Cecil
Testimonial by K. Walters
Subject: K. Walters

Debs: Wow! Thank you. They are very nice blueprints and make an attractive display for an aviation enthusiast. Thanks again. Kevin
Testimonial by downie
Subject: mosquito

iv just got my print and it is realy good not found one like it any were on the web many thanks andy from uk
Testimonial by Luis Percoco
Subject: Blueprints Merlin

Thanks Deb, I have my blueprints, are spectacular. Greetings from Argentina.
Testimonial by T. Cook
Subject: T. Cook

Debs... Thanks for the quick response. I love these blueprints. I have a game room with an aviation theme but had two big wall spaces that I could never seem to fill to my satisfaction. These fit the bill perfectly. See you next order... T. Cook
Testimonial by S. Dengler
Subject: S. Dengler

Dear AviationShop: I just received my order. The prints look just great -- I can't wait to have them framed. I'm glad I found you guys! S. Dengler