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Douglas DC-3 Documents & Manuals


The Douglas DC-3 is widely recognized as the most successful passenger plane ever flown.

Douglas designed and built the DC-1 airliner in response to a specification issued by TWA airlines. The sole example first flew in 1933, and was soon followed by the larger and more powerful DC-2. This aircraft showed that air travel could be comfortable, safe, reliable and fast.

In 1935 Douglas produced an enlarged DC-2 named the DC-3. Members of the family were built in greater numbers than any piston engine transport before or since. 10,655 of all models were built between 1936 and 1945, of which 10,048 were military variants. Another 4937 were built under license in Russia as the Li-2 and 487 in Japan as the L2D.

The DC-3 was a ubiquitous workhorse ahead of its time. Designed to be a fast, comfortable airliner, it battled in at least three major conflicts, landed at both the North and South Poles, and became the standard transport of the world's airlines.

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Douglas DC-3 Aircraft Operations Manual (1946)

This original 1946 Aircraft Operations Manual includes detailed systems diagrams, photos, performance charts, procedures etc. This manual is essential for a clear understanding of the operation & performance capabilities of one of the most noteworthy aircraft ever built.
A large number of DC-3s are still flying today, nearly 70 years after it first took to the air! A Tribute to the Douglas DC-3 Dakota.

  View: Douglas DC-3 Aircraft Operations Manual (1946)

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