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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Question: What size are these Blueprints?

Developed on 30" x 42" sheets. Border-to-border your blueprint will measure two feet high by three feet wide. This allows some extra material for edge protection or framing.

AviationShoppe's Blueprints: are created by overlaying treated paper with translucent film, which is then processed in chemicals through a machine, similar to the way photo film is developed. The chemical reacts to intensified light and heat, which transposes the drawing into a dark Prussian blue print, hence the name Blueprint.

2. Question: Shipping rates

Answer: We offer fixed shipping at the most competitive rates on the Internet. From our central US location we ship with USPS to over 60 countries worldwide.

We ship your blueprints rolled, not folded. To be certain your blueprints arrive safely, we use durable round shipping containers. We combine your items for shipping. USPS mail is used for domestic shipping: $6.95 (within the United States)

We are also able to offer some of the most competitive international shipping rates.
Yes we ship World-Wide: Your blueprints are shipped rolled in tubes, never folded. We combine your items for shipping. All international orders are shipped via Airmail. We have flat-rate shipping for international orders: $14.25

Note: Always check the 'Shopping Cart' for shipping specials. All shipping charges (including shipping specials) will be automatically calculated into your order.

3. Question: When will my order ship?

Answer: If a blueprint shows in our store, that means it is in stock and ready to ship. Blueprints are shipped within 72 hours from the time your order is placed. After your order is shipped, it will take 3-8 business days to reach you depending on your location. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is shipped.

4. Question: Do I need to create an account?

Answer: In order to provide you with our services we need your shipping & email address for order delivery. Your e-mail address is used to send your order information. In some cases it is used to communicate with you about your order. You can provide this information during checkout, it's only a 30 second process. You will find our checkout process a breeze.

Your shipping information will need to be provided during your initial visit only. At your next visit, our web site will be able to recognize you and you will be able to proceed with your purchases in a fast and secure fashion.

We are committed to respecting your privacy, maintaining your trust, and making use of any information you provide us in a responsible manner. A credit card is NOT required to create an account. Get access to all of AviationShoppe.com, including Purchase History, Address Book and more.

5. Question: What if I canít remember my password?

Answer: Please navigate to the login page where your password may be recovered. In the breadcrumb trail (top of the page) Click on 'My Profile'.

6. Question: How can I place an order online?

Answer: View your favorite blueprints and add them to your cart. Orders are placed by selecting 'Checkout' from the Shopping Cart: If you have not already logged in and supplied your address, you will be asked to do so when placing an order. From the shipping information panel, enter the address where the order should be shipped by selecting an existing address or creating a new address.

7. Question: Are discounts available?

Answer: In certain select instances yes, a discount may be available. For example, depending upon the quantity ordered, a discount may apply to certain blueprints. Where a discount applies, it will be calculated and displayed automatically.

8. Question: How can I modify my password?

Answer: From 'My Profile' login and click on 'Edit Account'. Enter and confirm your new password, and then click on 'Submit'.

9. Question: Item Availability

Answer: Look through the available blueprints, every blueprint that shows up is available. If we run out of a particular blueprint, it is pulled from our e-Store. All of the blueprints that show in the store are on hand and ready to deliver to you today.

10. Question: What's the quickest way to navigate through your store?

Answer: We use dynamic navigation in our e-Store. Look at the 'breadcrumb trail' below:

Directory | Frequently Asked Questions ____________________ Shipping | Cart Contents | Checkout

The breadcrumb trail is located in the Header, at the top of every page. Click on Directory and you will be taken back to the front page.

You are now in FAQ. The breadcrumb trail will change to reflect your current location within the site.

Notice the info boxes on the left side of every page. Most of these are dynamic also and will change depending apon your location in the store. Watch the 'Specials' box. You will also notice on the lower left: - Bookmark this page - This will bookmark the exact page/blueprint you are viewing.

11. Question: Contact Information

Answer: Our contact info is located on every page. Use the 'Contact Us' link located on the footer on every page. Always include your last name, email address or order number so we can look up your invoice information.

Try to let us know within 10 days of any shipment errors or damage. Although we strive for 100% correctness in all orders, mistakes on rare occasions may occur. We do whatever it takes to correct any problems.

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12. Question: How do I pay for my blueprints?

Answer: We can accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, e-Checks; or from your PayPal account. Pay with your credit card or with an e-check using PayPal as a one-time processor. You no longer need a PayPal account for this option. There are no additional costs to you - plus it's fast, safe and easy.