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K. Morgan

Freedom and Prosperity

  The previously faint but now obvious path of the United States toward National Socialism has suddenly become a super-highway…

The strategy is in the service of weakening the working power of individuals and of increasing power of the Federal Government and ultimately destroying the healthy American social system that the social cancer feeds on. When this happens, few will understand how this once great nation was destroyed.

    Many ordinary Americans have largely come to think of socialism as a government that helps people and capitalism is a government that does not help people, which is fundamentally incorrect. Our concern today must be that regulation of individual liberties and control of the private sector now has become the often publicly stated goals of the current Congress and President in the United States.

    Neither Socialism nor Communism ever will become established in the U.S. if each generation of Americans gets a clear understanding of our American system of Capitalism, how it works, and the comparative advantages it produces for all citizens.

Produced for the U.S. Air Force by DuPont funding
It's Everybody's Business (1954)

Superb Educational Film -- about how Capitalism and Freedom work hand-in-hand together to provide and create wealth and how societies evolve successfully.
   Surprisingly well animated short detailing what's RIGHT about America, eg free enterprise, the right where we choose to work, where to live etc. Does an excellent job of explaining the basic concepts of capitalism. 1954, 19:53 minutes.

Harding College: John Sutherland
Going Places (1948)

A beautiful, classically animated film -- explains the notion of business. Freddie Fudsie the soap maker, watches his company grow and grow and grow, he learns about...
   Defines the profit motive and dramatizes the part it has played in the economic development of our country. Stresses the need for continued industrial profits if our economic vitality is to endure.  1948, 8:33 minutes.

Make Mine Freedom (1948)

The bottle of "ISM" -- about various ideologies that encroach on individual freedom. Socialism and Communism are much of the same thing at different points in the communitarian evolution. Socialism destroys the economy and kills individual freedom.
   Film explains how and why the US was able to increase the standard of living and how personal and economic freedom are inseparable.  1948, 9:30 minutes.