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Bruce Ghent

Kamikaze Death Dive

World War II in the Pacific - Japanese Suicide Attacks at Sea

It's easy to call kamikaze pilots insane; but, rather than label those young men as crazy, it's important to remember they were backed into a desperate corner and forced to use their bodies as weapons.

Much more criticism can be directed at their military and possibly at the Emperor himself for squandering thousands of lives. Kamikaze pilots had families and they had the harsh task of abandoning them while cutting their own lives short. Their sacrifices didn't win the war for Japan and were ultimately in vain.

During World War II, the Japanese military desperately tried to reverse their strategic losses in the Pacific by sending young kamikaze pilots to cripple enemy vessels.

Japanese Kamikaze pilots are legendary for their willingness to sacrifice their lives for their emperor and country during World War II.

The Kamikaze campaign was a last ditch effort by the Empire of Japan to repel Allied naval forces that were advancing toward the Japanese mainland. In the end, the effort failed to achieve its objective. However, Japanese Kamikaze pilots have a prominent place in history for their devotion to their cause.

Photo: USS Bunker Hill hit by two Kamikazes in 30 seconds off Kyushu, 11 May 1945

Turn up your volume, click the start button and step back in history...

PLAY Kamikaze Dive   

  Kamikaze  Death Dive Imperial Japanese Aircraft:   Japanese A6M2's 
(Allied Code Name "Zeke" Better known as the "Zero")  were the most common planes used in the Kamikaze runs although others were utilized as well:
Nakajima Ki-27  Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate Kawasaki KI-61

As the Allies pushed relentlessly toward mainland Japan, they faced a new enemy-the Kamikaze. Steeped in the ancient code of the Samurai, Kamikaze force on land, sea, and air sacrificed themselves in battle with a suicidal ferocity that was beyond belief.