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Miscellaneous / Other
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Miscellaneous / Other

Miscellaneous / Other

General Aviation, Advanced Trainer Aircraft —and miscellaneous
or short run prints …

We tend to have a mix of blueprints in this category… everything from general aviation to blueprints we may not offer on a regular basis.

Being able to offer you these blueprints…
 — a hands-on process that requires proper setup and

attention to detail, is important to us. Not all of the blueprints we have in our collection are offered on a regular basis.
But rest assured, if a blueprint is listed, it is available and ready for immediate delivery to you.

Over the years we have acquired hundreds of aviation blueprints and design drawings… the process to restore these to their original state so they can be shared with aviation fans and collectors…

requires time, skill and equipment.

Every 72-hours we prepare our climate controlled print room and do a very short run. We go through this process even if we only have one blueprint to ship. Before packaging, your blueprint is inspected for any serious flaws, the rejection rate is high.
For this reason, some blueprints that perhaps only sell one or two a year are not offered on a regular basis.

    Name      Manufacturer   Product Status 
 Wright Brothers Flyer engine (1903)      Wright Brothers Flyer engine (1903)

 Their bicycle shop employee Charlie Taylor became an important part of the team, building their first aircraft engine in close collaboration with the brothers. ...

 Wright Brothers      (available)    

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