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P-80 / F-80 Shooting Star Documents & Manuals


Lockheed developed the XP-80 Shooting Star to meet the threat of the German Messerschmitt Me-262 jet fighter at the closing stages of WWII.
It was rushed into production as the P-80A and sent to Europe in early-mid 1945 as a bomber escort but it was too late to see combat against the German jets, and as such the original production order was slashed dramatically. The Shooting Star had the distinction of being the first jet aircraft to serve operationally with the USAAF from late 1946. At this stage the revamped P-80B variant had entered the scene with improved wing structure and JATO capability.

In 1948 the final production variant, the P-80C with engine changes and other improvements was ordered and almost 800 examples were built. Many A & B versions were converted to C standard, with around 50 delivered to the US Navy under the designation TV-1.
Also, in 1948 the USAAF became the USAF and the P (Pursuit) prefix became F (Fighter), resulting in the redesignation of the Shooting Star to the F-80.

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Pilot?s Flight Operating Instructions For Lockheed P-80

Original Manual (1945) Pilot?s Flight Operating Instructions for the Lockheed P-80; Packed with invaluable data, diagrams & drawings. Published under the joint authority of the Commanding General, AAF, the Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics and the Air Council of the UK. This manual is for the earliest production model the P-80A-I. This P-80 manual taught transitioning pilots what they needed to know before entering the cockpit.

  View: Pilot?s Flight Operating Instructions For Army Model P-80 (1945)

Pilots Flight Operating Instructions Lockheed F-80B / F-80C

Original Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star - Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions Manual (1952) - With photos, systems diagrams, performance charts, procedures etc. The Shooting Star was operated extensively in Korea with the F-80C being instrumental in quickly gaining and maintaining air superiority over the Korean battlefield, rapidly clearing the skies of any North Korean aircraft that dared to venture into the air.

  View: Pilots Flight Operating Instructions Lockheed F-80B / F-80C (1952)

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