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Quality - Value and Service

Every Blueprint we offer is a first generation print made directly from vellum masters. Developed on 42"x 30" sheets, the actual technical drawing area measures three feet wide plus generous borders.

While some of our "blueprint layouts" may look similar to other plans/ drawing you may have seen, our plans are all re-drawn; perspective, components and design are different on our prints, more detailed. We strive for uniqueness and quality. We reference thousands of old plans and pictures that were made through the years, and strive to make sure the prints we offer are technically accurate, unique to us, and not available anywhere else.

On rare occasions, we are able to locate vintage original engineering drawings; these are cleaned and reproduced to offer fellow aviators works as close to the original / factory work as possible. These are most always component drawings and not always available. If you see a print on our site, it is then available to you at that time. Stock is removed once sold and not always made available again.

While most companies have limited shipping capabilities due to ever changing restrictions, regulations and pricing structure...

  • AviationShoppe.com takes pride in being able to offer global shipping to more then 100 countries worldwide.
  • We are experts in properly filling out the correct customs forms and following regulations to assure your order arrives in a timely manner
  • We appreciate all of our customers. From within the states to across the globe. While attending air shows in places like Oshkosh, WI. I am always amazed at the diversity such events bring. I have met good folks from many countries across the globe. A wonderful experience.


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