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Wright Cyclone R-1820 Radial Engine


The Curtiss-Wright Corporation was established in August 1929 with the merger of Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company and Wright Aeronautical. A number of smaller companies, including Curtiss-Robertson, Curtiss-Caproni, Keystone, Loening (through Keystone), Moth, and Travel Air, also became part of the holding company.
There were three main divisions: the Airplane Division for military aircraft, Curtiss-Wright Airplane for civil aircraft, and Wright Aeronautical for engines.

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Wright Cyclone R-1820 Radial Engine Manual:

 The Wright Cyclone ? the R-1820 ? was one of United States most widely-used aero engines. Cyclones served on every B-17 as well as the SBD Dauntless/A-24 Banshee, commercial DC-3s and some versions of the C-47, the Grumman Wildcat and the Curtiss Hawk 75/P-36... This manual gives a good description of the R-1820 radial engine.
 Note: There were licensed versions of this engine produced in the Soviet Union that powered many of their radial-engined fighters, bombers and transports. Restricted manual during the War.
— after WWII the R-1820 went on to power the T-28 trainer and other notable aircraft.

  View: Original 1943 / Wright Cyclone Operation & Service Manual

Wright Cyclone R-1820 Service/ Maintenance Instructions:

Wright Aeronautical R-1820 Series Maintenance Instructions (1945) with photos, systems diagrams, charts, procedures etc. The R-1820 was built under license by Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney Canada, and the Studebaker Corporation. The Soviet Union had purchased a license for the design (as the M-25). In Spain the R-1820 was license-built as the Hispano-Suiza 9V or Hispano-Wright 9V.
— was also converted to a diesel by Caterpillar as the D-200 and used in the M4A6 Sherman.

  View: Wright R-1820 Service/ Maintenance Instructions:

Wright Cyclone R-1820 Illustrated Parts Instructions Manual:

The R-1820 and it?s derivate twin-row R-3350 became the most famous of the whole range of Wright radial engines. This illustrated parts breakdown instructions manual will allow you a better understanding of the internal workings of this amazing radial engine. It is a technical manual, useful in understanding the advanced workings of this radial engine.
— design of the Wright R-1820 was excellent, the H.P. output more then doubled shortly after introduction, a testament to it's strong design.

  View: Wright R-1820 Illustrated Parts Instructions Manual:

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