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WW2 Tanks / United States

WW2 Tanks / United States

  The late 1930s brought turbulent times to the world order...

  Germany and Japan were attacking and occupying nations along their frontiers for political gain and natural resources. Technology advanced greatly during these years, and both countries used this new technology to their advantage.

  Germany and Japan began their armament programs in the early 1930s with great secrecy. The United States, on the other hand, did little weapons development until just

a few years before the start of the Second World War. Consequently, when war broke out in the late 1930s, the German and Japanese equipment was far superior to anything that the U.S. had at that time.

  In the mid-1930s, the U.S. was still using light tanks from World War I alongside horse-mounted cavalry. In the new war, however, mobility and speed were the keys to victory. Newer and better vehicles were needed to keep up with the enemy.

  Light tanks quickly evolved into the popular

M3 radial engine tank and M5 twin V-8 engine tank. The next step, medium tanks, and these developed into the M3 Lee and, using the basic design and chassis, the M4 Sherman series, the most well-known tank even today.

  All of this development took place in just a few short years before December 7, 1941. Many people here today still consider World War II to be America's finest hour as everyone worked together so hard and so efficiently to defeat the aggressive enemies of democracy.

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 U.S. M5A1 Stuart Light Tank      U.S. M5A1 Stuart Light Tank

 M5A1 Stuart was the main variant in service with US forces from 1943. M5 and M5A1 Stuarts also served with British, Canadian and Polish forces.
The M5A1 mounted a new turret on the M5 hull. This new turret had the same 37mm gun but incorporated an overhang housing the radio. ...

 (GM) General Motors      (available)    

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