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WWII (Bombers) C-1 Automatic Flight Control System


C-1 Automatic Flight Control System

When combined with the Norden bombsight, it created the stability necessary to bomb targets accurately from high altitude.

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C-1 Automatic Flight Control System  (small manual / approximately 25 pages)

Honeywell's C-1 autopilot is an electromechanical robot which automatically controls the airplane in straight and level flight, or maneuvers the airplane in response to the fingertip control of the human pilot or bombardier.

The key to the system was a gyroscope that could sense variations in course and speed and make adjustments well before a human pilot. Once the autopilot was turned on, control of the airplane passed to the bombardier, who would make final flight changes as he peered through the Norden bombsight.

  View: Original C-1 Automatic Flight Control System Manual

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