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WWII USSR Soviet Russia
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WWII USSR Soviet Russia

WWII USSR Soviet Russia
For centuries Russians have learned to survive in a very hostile climate, repulsing every enemy foolish enough to invade Mother Russia's vast expanse. Napoleon and Hitler relearned that lesson the hard way, both being defeated by the hordes of Russian patriots who came to their country's rescue.

 It is commonly believed that the invasion of Russia was one of Hitler's greatest strategic blunders.
 The Russian Air Force played an important part in the air war of World War II, the YAK-3, a light fighter that was considered a match for the early Spitfire, and the Shturmovik IL-2 , a dive-bomber that was virtually invulnerable

to ground fire ?were among the best produced during the war.
  The YAK-3 neutralized the German fighter and Stuka attacks, and that was all that was necessary, given that Germany did not have a long-range bomber program to speak of.

The most advanced Soviet fighter produced during the war was the powerfully elegant Lavochkin LA-7 , a fighter introduced in 1944 that was easily one of the best warplanes of WWII; with fifteen thousand produced, the LA-7 gave the Soviets the edge.
 Many believe the role the Soviet army played in liberating Europe from the Nazis was deliberately played down in the post-war
— Perhaps played down because the Soviet people were led by a paranoid and ruthless dictator, Joseph Stalin. Stalin's rule was a  holocaust by terror that victimized tens of millions of people for twenty-five years.

More than 25 million Soviet soldiers and civilians died in the war and Russia was the scene of some of the fiercest battles. The Russians definitely paid the highest price in defeating the Nazis.
 80% of Soviet males born in 1923 did not survive World War II.

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